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September - May Small Group Training

School Year Small Group Training can be joined at any time


runs September through May

Karn Jr.

Program for Ages 4+

Summer Clinics

The best off-season training program!

Power Skating is dead!

Let's explain. Over KSD's existence, we've seen over 50,000 students ranging from beginners to Veteran NHL players. Several thousand of these students have had extensive power skating training and yet are being told they need to take skating lessons. They are told things like, "you don't bend your knees enough", "your strides are short and choppy", "you're getting beat wide", "your first three strides need to improve" etc. We've heard it all! We can't attribute all of these things to being physically immature, weakness, and growth spurts. Several hundred of these athletes were actually highly skilled Pro and Olympic class athletes.

So, what's the problem? Old outdated skating patterns still being taught! For beginners all the way to elite world-class athletes, traditional power skating techniques fall short. In fact, some of the deficiencies are at direct odds with what the fastest skaters of today can achieve! In their day in the seventies and eighties, these techniques improved everyone tremendously. By today's standards, these techniques are a C+ to a B- at best. What's missing from the techniques actually creates a sub par acceleration, top speed, and agility ceiling the player can't breakthrough.

Karn Skating Dynamics starts with a technique model that has evolved beyond Power Skating. We call it Glide Platform Training™.

With twenty-year-old KSD student and NHL rookie Dylan Larkin breaking the All-Star speed record, we think it works! In fact, informally we have several non-All-Star players that can reach those speeds! This is most importantly an efficiency factor. Our NHL players report that it will lengthen their careers as they age.

Through a better technique model and Dynamic Progressions, we show the player how to break the old habits or patterns and establish new solid neuromuscular patterns. We use video analysis to accelerate this process.

Come join us and see what you've been missing!!

Jodi Karn Karn Skating Dynamics

Phone: 952-831-2345