Mark Stuart – Boston Bruins

Mark Stuart

“Thanks Karn Skating Dynamics, the skills I learned are a must to play in the NHL.”

Mark Parrish – Dallas Stars

“Being disciplined in strength and conditioning in the NHL is a must. Having your skating efficiency maximized is priceless! Thanks Karn Skating Dynamics.”

Tim Jackman – New York Islanders

Tim Jackman

“A huge speed and efficiency change for me, skating has now become a strength.”

Brian Lawton – GM Tampa Bay Lightning

“Having played pro hockey myself, I understand the great need for speed, agility,and efficiency. The feedback from our NHL clients around the world is that Barry is the best. Time and time again he’s improved our players abilities like no one else can. His unique training principals are such that even my kids benefit, and most of all they enjoy working with him!”

Bret Hedican – Carolina Hurricanes

“Skating has always been my strength. Although over the past 7 summers, Karn Skating Dynamics has challenged me to become even faster and more efficient. This training is a must for every player.”

Kevin Ziegler – Strength and Conditioning Coach Tampa Bay Lightning

“I had the pleasure of meeting Barry and Jodi almost 20 years ago, and I knew right from the start they where the best in the business of skating. Barry has made me a better hockey strength and conditioning coach. We have worked together at all levels and train some of the best hockey players in the world. Barry is simply the best – I recommend Barry to every NHL player I train.”

Ben Clymer – Washington Capitals

“Eight years ago when I was a sophomore at the University of Minnesota I began training with Karn Skating Dynamics. The increased balance, acceleration and higher top end speeds I achieved were definitely an advantage for making the jump to the speed of the NHL.”