Barry and Jodi Karn have been teaching full-time together for 30 years, along with Beau Karn for the past 16 years.

Karn Skating Dynamics is the largest skating school of its kind in North America. The year round school has up to 450 students per week. In addition, we train and work to share our knowledge with hundreds of teams, coaches, hockey associations and clubs throughout the US and Canada. All told over the years, Karn Skating Dynamics has taught tens of thousands of students from the mites to the pros.

Our Philosophy

Too many times, skills are taught by demonstrating a finished product. When students fall short of achieving these skills they don’t understand why.

Skills need to be broken down into their individual dynamics; these dynamics whether strengths or weaknesses are targeted and repeatedly practiced. This process ingrains the neuromuscular pattens needed to rebuild the finished skill. It sounds like a mouthful, although we make it relatively basic and it’s taught to instill confidence. Many of our students go on to become very competent self-trainers, continuing to improve on into the future.

On the Ice with Karn Skating Dynamics

These videos from Barry’s recent work with the Calgary Flames and the Tampa Bay Lightning give an introduction to Barry’s unique approach and a taste of what a clinic with Karn Skating Dynamics has to offer.

Barry Karn is the man in charge of teaching the young Flames power skating — it’s about getting to places quicker with less effort.


“That’s the ultimate for me – to help somebody get over a hump that they didn’t think they even could… I love it.”